Gruden gives Locker a 'QB Camp' once-over

Jon Gruden's popular "QB Camp" series continues with Washington quarterback Jake Locker, who's scheduled to meet with the New England Patriots this week.

Gruden seems smitten with Locker and describes him as a linebacker in a quarterback's uniform. Gruden provides some words of caution about Locker's aggressive mindset while running upfield.

"When you run, you know what you try to do? You try to hurt people, don't you?" Gruden tells Locker. "You look like Peyton Hillis when you run the ball.

"You get hit a lot in every game I pick up [to review] -- hard. But do you think maybe we could use a little better ... I don't know. Get out of bounds or take care of your body, get-down mentality?

"Your ability to run is a weapon and a resource that has to be there for you for about the next 10 years of [your] career. But you don't want to abuse it."

Locker is projected to be drafted no earlier than the bottom third of the first round. He could be in play for the Buffalo Bills with the 34th pick. The Miami Dolphins also would be interested in a quarterback. They own the 15th overall pick but don't have a second-rounder.

Gruden suggests Locker could be a steal.

"The way you compete and the talent you have," Gruden said, "and just enough people are doubting you, which is perfect. I love to hear that people are doubting you right now. I really do because I got a feeling about you, you know?

"You've got to hope somebody passes you in the draft just so you can hold it against them for the next 20 years -- just like Aaron Rodgers did to me."