Rules? What rules? Just sign Andrew Luck

I think a rogue NFL team should try to sign Andrew Luck this afternoon. For the hell of it.

Why not? Nobody knows what the rules are after a federal judge ended the lockout. There's currently no game plan for front offices, players and agents to follow during a murky appeals process.

So sign free agents. Hoard them. Explore the possibility of a field goal kicking mule. Trade head coaches. Whatever. We'll sort it out later.

We just need a general manager or two to show some initiative and be a trailblazer.

Luck would've been considered by most the first overall pick in this year's draft class had he decided to leave Stanford after his sophomore season. He spoke with "SportsCenter" host John Buccigross about his decision to stay in school.

Luck suggested he wouldn't have any pangs of regret when he watches NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announce the first pick Thursday night because Luck's goals include winning a Pac-10 title and completing an architectural design degree before turning pro.

"I'll definitely be watching in some capacity," Luck said. "I think I'll be excited for whoever gets it. There's a bunch of great players out there, and I'm sure a lot of people deserve to go No. 1 this year, but I'll be excited for whoever gets it."

I wonder how excited Luck would be if he got a call from the Miami Dolphins today and a six-year, $80 million offer.