Wilfork, Mankins revealed on 'Top 100'

A couple more New England Patriots have been added to the NFL Network's list of "The Top 100: Players of 2011." The rundown resumed Sunday night with Nos. 31 through 40.

AFC East players on the list so far:

One more Patriot has yet to be revealed, and we can safely assume who that will be.

The NFL Network also told us Wilfork is the second-rated nose tackle on the list. It looks like he's behind Baltimore Ravens plugger Haloti Ngata.

Mankins was the second-highest at his position behind New Orleans Saints guard Jahri Evans at No. 34. Mankins missed seven games last season because he was sitting out for Evans-type money.

Evans signed a seven-year contract worth $56.7 million in May 2010. The Patriots were able to extend a one-year, $3.26 million qualifying offer to Mankins last year because he was a restricted free agent. Mankins declined to sign it, permitting the Patriots to slash the offer to $1.54 million in June.