James Harrison delivers blast to Pats' past

James Harrison, the combustible Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker, delivered a mushroom-cloud interview with Men's Journal.

Harrison blasted NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and a few other targets, including Tedy Bruschi, Rodney Harrison and the surveillance-minded New England Patriots of a few years back.

"I should have another ring," James Harrison said. "We were the best team in football in 2004, but the Patriots, who we beat during the regular season, stole our signals and picked up 90 percent of our blitzes [in the AFC Championship Game]. They got busted for it later, but, hey, they're Goodell's boys, so he slapped 'em $500,000 and burned the tapes. Was he going to rescind their Super Bowls? Man, hell no!"