AFC East's best: No. 2 Darrelle Revis

The countdown of my top 25 AFC East players continues, one weekday at a time ...

RevisRevisAbout the choice: Darrelle Revis is a superstar cover cornerback and the key to the New York Jets' defense. His lockdown skills allow the players in front of him to get creative in Rex Ryan's aggressive defense, but he's also solid against the run and is an efficient tackler. Revis has been voted to the Pro Bowl three years running and chosen first-team All-Pro the past two seasons, overcoming a hamstring injury that impaired him for the first two games and then forced him off the field until Week 5. But he rebounded to elite form. From Halloween through Thanksgiving, he limited Greg Jennings, Calvin Johnson, Andre Johnson and Terrell Owens to nine catches for 74 yards.

Key fact: In their playoff game, Revis kept Indianapolis Colts receiver Reggie Wayne to one catch for 1 yard.

Hint about No. 1: If you don't know by now, then you shouldn't be trusted with a computer.

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