Joe Namath criticizes Plaxico Burress

Joe Namath has been watching Plaxico Burress for several years, and in him he sees a wide receiver that reminds him a lot of Braylon Edwards -- and that's not a flattering comparison coming from Namath.

The New York Jets' legendary quarterback was occasionally critical of Edwards during his two seasons with the Jets. So, no, Namath isn't swept up in Plaxico Mania, saying Burress would be "damn lucky" if he makes it through the season.

"When I see Burress, certainly in the past, and Edwards, their route running and adjusting, I didn't like it -- and I still don't," Namath told ESPNNewYork.com Tuesday. "I'll be surprised if Burress and [quarterback Mark] Sanchez click well and I'll be even more surprised if Burress, after being laid off for two years and change, is going to make it through the season."