Morning take: Who's to blame in Miami?

Here are the most interesting stories Tuesday in the AFC East:

Morning take: Owners, coaches and players contributed to Miami's awful start. But in the NFL, coaches are first on the chopping block. That is why Tony Sparano finds himself on the hot seat.

Morning take: The Jets are really good trash-talkers, but so is this week's opponent: the Baltimore Ravens. Will both sides stay quiet and just play football? Probably not.

  • Judy Battista of the New York Times takes a look at the undefeated Buffalo Bills (3-0) and Detroit Lions (3-0).

Morning take: Everyone knew Detroit had talent but needed to stay healthy. But few expected Buffalo's fast start with its cast of unknowns.

Morning take: This is a great point by Bruschi. The two games I watched the Patriots in person, they had trouble against the Bills and Dolphins when opponents fell behind and sped up the tempo.