Poll: Can Dolphins' D stop Tim Tebow?

We have an intriguing matchup in Week 7 between a struggling defense and an inexperienced -- but wildly popular -- quarterback.

So this week we ask, who will get the best of Sunday's battle between the Miami Dolphins' inconsistent defense and inexperienced Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow?

Miami's defense is rated No. 29 against the pass and No. 26 overall. The Dolphins haven't done a good job of stopping any quarterback this year, including Tom Brady, Philip Rivers and Mark Sanchez. Can they shut down Tebow in his first start of the season?

Or will Tebow's 2011 debut be a success? He has a lot to prove to the Broncos. But Miami is 1-11 in its last 12 home games. Sun Life Stadium is one of the easiest road venues for visiting teams.

Using our SportsNation poll, vote on whether Maimi's struggling defense or the inexperienced Tebow will prevail. You can also share your thoughts in the comment section below.