Next concussion shoe drops in Miami

Former Dolphins Patrick Surtain, Oronde Gadsden and 19 other former players filed a lawsuit against the NFL in Miami over long-term brain damage they believe is linked to concussions. This is the second lawsuit filed this week against the NFL. Former players Jamal Lewis, Dorsey Levens and others made a similar complaint in Atlanta this week.

The lawsuit by the former Dolphins claims the NFL misrepresented the seriousness of concussions "with the intent of inducing NFL players, including plaintiffs, to return to play as soon as physically possible after having suffered a football-related concussion and to promote an aggressive style of football that would attract viewers." The NFL denies this claim.

I don't know where these lawsuits will go, but I'm interested to find out.

It is public knowledge that the NFL has been taking extensive steps the past few seasons to improve concussion safety. But how much did the league know about the severity of concussions before that, and is it too little too late for former players? That will be the crux of determining which side is right on this issue.