Will GM, QB, draft pick cost Dolphins?

Former Tennessee Titans head coach Jeff Fisher is interviewing Thursday with the St. Louis Rams, just 48 hours after the Dolphins wined and dined Fisher in Miami. It now looks like a two-way race for Fisher's services next season.

ESPN's Adam Schefter is reporting that St. Louis has the inside track, and we're getting e-mails and tweets asking what St. Louis has over Miami? The Rams (2-14) were tied for the worst record in the league and the Dolphins (6-10) appear closer to contending, right?

But Fisher is looking much deeper than six wins versus two wins. Here are some advantages the Rams' organization has over Miami's:

  • The Rams cleaned house and don't have a general manager in place. This is huge for St. Louis. Miami owner Stephen Ross says he wants change, but hasn't done much other than fire former head coach Tony Sparano. General manager Jeff Ireland is still in place and so is most of the coaching staff. Fisher would much rather hire is own general manager in St. Louis than work under Ireland and have him call the shots in Miami. Control is always big for head coaches, and Fisher would have more say in St. Louis than he would in Miami.

  • St. Louis has its franchise quarterback. Sam Bradford was the No. 1 overall pick in 2010. Despite injuries this season, most believe he's a legitimate, starting NFL quarterback. That's one big problem Fisher won't have to worry about this offseason in St. Louis. The Dolphins are still searching for their long-term solution at quarterback. Matt Moore is a great backup and a decent starter. But he can't take Miami to a championship. In addition, the team won't be able to draft a top quarterback prospect barring a significant trade to move up.

  • Speaking of the draft, the Rams have a higher draft pick. St. Louis picks No. 2 and Miami picks No. 8 or No. 9, which will be determined by a coin flip with the Carolina Panthers. This is an underrated, but important, advantage for the Rams. Both teams are rebuilding. St. Louis has the higher currency of draft picks in each round.

Fisher will consider all these factors when making his decision. Ross says the Dolphins will not be outbid for Fisher. But outside of money, the Rams might have more enticing advantages for Fisher.