Pats-Broncos II: Belichick on secondary

We've seen it all season. Opposing defensive backs are either lured to sleep by the Denver Broncos' offense or underestimate Tim Tebow's passing ability.

Most weeks, that has worked in Denver's favor. The Pittsburgh Steelers, who geared up against the run and fell victim to the pass, in the wild-card round are a perfect example.

But the challenge for New England's 31st-ranked defense is not to do the same in the divisional round. Tebow is coming off a career-high 316 passing yards. But many are still skeptical that Tebow can continue winning playoff games with his arm.

Here is Patriots coach Bill Belichick's thoughts on the subject:

"Yeah, safeties and the corners, it’s a little different game than I think most of the time you play in this league. I think as a defensive back, you’re expecting passes on every play and then when you don’t get it, you don’t get it. But here it’s run-force, option responsibilities and then play-action or double moves and things like that. Every time you come out of the huddle, again, the secondary’s primary responsibility is always pass. But in addition to that, they have a lot of run-force responsibilities in this game and option and those kind of things. It definitely puts pressure on from that standpoint, that you have a lot more things to think about for a defensive back. Instead of going into the game where you’re expecting that every play is going to be a pass -- you have to be ready for that on every play -- but the reality is that the every play is not a pass. There are a lot of outside runs, there are a lot options plays, there are a lot of plays the secondary force is critical on. It is, it really attacks the entire defense. They do a good job of working sideline-to-sideline and goal line-to-endzone."