Early Super Bowl thoughts from Belichick

INDIANPOLIS -- The New England Patriots have touched down in Indianapolis, the site of Super Bowl XLVI.

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick was the first to meet with the media Sunday evening. Here were some notes of interest from Belichick:

  • First of all I have to compliment Belichick's attire. Usually dressed in a hoody or sweat suit, Belichick was decked out in a nice, navy blue suit. It was an uncharacteristic sight. Belichick also smiled a lot during his first Super Bowl news conference. You can sense the excitement from Belichick, who is normally reserved. He even joked about not being treated hospitably in Indianapolis until after he went on fourth-and-2 and failed against the Colts a few years ago. The joked sparked laughter from the media.

  • The Patriots decided to beat the New York Giants to Indianapolis by one day. Here is Belichick on his decision to travel on Sunday: "We want to get out on the field tomorrow. We will take Tuesday off and get back on the field Wednesday. It kind of puts us on our normal schedule."

  • Belichick wasn't too interested in discussing previous meetings against New York. "It’s a one-game season and a one-game preparation at this point," Belichick said. "We’re going to put everything we have in this one." New England Pro Bowl tight end Rob Gronkowski also was described as "day-to-day" by Belichick. Gronkowski suffered a significant ankle sprain in the AFC title game. His father last week said it was a high ankle sprain, but the team still hasn't confirmed the nature of the injury.