Take your pick: Galloway or Lewis?

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham

Maybe the New England Patriots cut the wrong receiver.

The perplexing failure of 15-year veteran Joey Galloway to meld with a quarterback's quarterback like Tom Brady has been a running topic in New England.

The Patriots opted to keep Galloway over Greg Lewis, who they traded a fifth-round draft pick to acquire (along with a seventh-round pick) from the Philadelphia Eagles.

So they burned an asset when dropped Lewis, which underscored their fondness for Galloway.

The move hasn’t worked out. While Brady and Galloway have struggled to find chemistry, Lewis made a telepathic play Sunday that will be shown on highlight reels for years to come.

Lewis, after only three weeks of playing for the Minnesota Vikings, somehow knew right where to go, and Brett Favre knew precisely where to throw the bullet for a dramatic, 32-yard touchdown to beat the San Francisco 49ers with two seconds to play.

Granted, it's Lewis' only catch of the year. But it was a big one.

Galloway, meanwhile, hasn't made an impact. He had all summer and the preseason to get acclimated. Brady had targeted Galloway 19 times, but they have connected only seven times for 67 yards.

There have been drops, miscommunication leading to errant throws, an illegal formation penalty.

That sixth sense that Lewis exhibited Sunday simply hasn't been there with Galloway.