Morning take: Where's Mark Sanchez?

Here are the most interesting stories Tuesday morning in the AFC East:

  • New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez has kept a very low profile since last season's collapse.

Morning take: This is good for Sanchez. Even his Twitter account has seen little action. Sanchez just needs to continue working hard and come back a better player. There will be plenty of media waiting for him in New York.

  • Buffalo Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick shaved his head as a special tribute after the team re-signed leading receiver Steve Johnson.

Morning take: This is pretty cool gesture by Fitzpatrick. Both players get along well and came up together. They will be two important building blocks in Buffalo for the next few years.

  • Here is good news for Miami: Green Bay Packers backup quarterback Matt Flynn is officially available.

Morning take: The Dolphins have to be happy the Packers didn't use the franchise tag on Flynn. He will be Miami's fallback option if things don't work out when Peyton Manning is expected to be released later this week.

Morning take: Carter played for Gregg Williams with the Washington Redskins. Smart move by Carter to steer clear of this one.