Dierdorf: Sanchez must deal with Superdome

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham

CBS Sports color commentator Dan Dierdorf will call Sunday's game between the New York Jets and New Orleans Saints in the Superdome.

Somebody's oh has got to go!

Sorry, for a moment there I reverted to my old days on the boxing beat.

Anyway, Dierdorf shared his thoughts on a fascinating matchup between two undefeated teams.

On the Jets' defense having to deal with Saints' offense:

"When you play an offense as diversified as the Saints', with so many weapons and a guy who is running the show, playing the quarterback position as well as, or better, than anybody in the league, that’s exactly where you start.

"Rex Ryan doesn’t have it in his DNA to lay back and try to play some sort of umbrella defense in coverage against Drew Brees and that passing game. They’re going to do what they do best: apply pressure in a lot of different ways off the edges with overloads and up the middle with overloads in trying to flush Brees out of the pocket and get in his face."

On the showdown between Drew Brees and Mark Sanchez:

"Drew Brees is not the tallest of quarterbacks, but he compensates for that by how well he moves. Mark Sanchez also moves very well. And Drew Brees is very similar in that he buys a lot of extra time by extending plays for New Orleans by sliding out of that pocket. He's not looking to [run] upfield, but he certainly extends the play with the intent on passing the football."

On the Jets and Sanchez playing in Superdome:

"This will be quite an environment in the Superdome. This will be the loudest place that Mark Sanchez has heard in a while. Playing at Southern Cal and outside, I'm not sure he's heard anything quite like what he’s going to hear on Sunday afternoon. It’s going to be a real test in their ability to communicate and focus."