Early signs of trouble for Tim Tebow?

New Jets quarterback Tim Tebow just stepped foot in New York, and he's already in the middle of an ugly court battle between Nike and Reebok.

Is this early signs of trouble for Tebow in New York?

This is what happens when you mix one of the NFL's most popular athletes and the country's biggest media market. This is not just Tebowmania. It will be Tebowmania on steroids.

Nike and Reebok are two of the world's biggest athletic apparel companies. They have been relatively peaceful for a while, despite being direct competitors.

But Tebowmania is strong enough to change all that. According to court documents, Nike is upset and suing Reebok for cashing in on Tebow-related merchandise after his trade to the Jets. A judge put a temporary restraining order on Reebok while this case is being settled.

Granted, this has nothing to do with Tebow's performance on the field. But is just the beginning of the potentially endless list of distractions the Jets inherited with Tebow. Never has an athlete with so much class, good will and high character brought such a circus to one team.

In terms of distractions, Nike and Reebok are just getting the Tebow train started. There certainly is more to come.