Why Jets should do 'Hard Knocks'

Tim Tebow, Rex Ryan and the New York Jets on HBO's "Hard Knocks" this summer?

Yes, please!

Having television cameras tape your every move in training camp isn't for everyone. But the Jets are tailor-made for another go at the award-winning series.

Here are three reasons why:

1. Tebow-mania

The eyes of the sporting world will be keeping tabs on the Jets' addition of Tebow this summer and the dynamic he has with starting quarterback Mark Sanchez. Although there's not a quarterback competition going on, Tebow will naturally push Sanchez to be at his best. That makes for a natural, healthy competition people want to see.

Who wouldn't want to watch how Tebow integrates himself with a new team in New York? Jets fans would love to see how this develops. Tebow fans want to see, as well. This would be must-see, behind-the-scenes TV.

2. Jets did it recently

Whether it's familiarity or superstition, the Jets should have no problem going forward with this. New York is used to having HBO around. The Jets did "Hard Knocks" two years ago.

Was it a distraction? Not at all. The result was New York making the AFC title game. If people in New York are superstitious, they should want this to happen. The team was mediocre (8-8) last season without HBO around.

Playing in New York, every football season is a year-long version of "Hard Knocks" anyway. What's wrong with a little extra media around?

3. Jets have a story to tell

The 2012 Jets will be a story of a veteran team seeking redemption or a team starting their downfall. "Hard Knocks" can be at the ground level of New York's next chapter.

Can this team fix its chemistry issues? Is the arrow pointing up or down for this talented group?

This is a big year for Ryan and the Jets and, either way, it will be an interesting story.