Ashley Fox on Mario Williams' expectations

ESPN.com NFL columnist Ashley Fox wrote an interesting piece Wednesday on new Buffalo Bills defensive end Mario Williams. According to Fox, Williams' $100 million contract (with $50 million guaranteed) can create inflated expectations that Williams has to manage this season.

"The money makes it look easy, but it is not. Sometimes, as in the case of Julius Peppers, it works. Other times, as in the case of Albert Haynesworth, it doesn't. Sometimes, [Nnamdi] Asomugha hopes, it can take more than a year for the transition to be complete before you know. Having expectation and reality meet is harder than it looks. Williams is about to find out."

I agree with Fox that this comes with the territory. Williams received the richest contract ever for a defensive player. The money is in the bank and now it's time to produce. That is especially the case in Buffalo, which is not a team known to pay for high-priced free agents.

The Bills swung for the fences this offseason and need to hit a home run with Williams. In my opinion, Williams will be much closer to Peppers than to Haynesworth.