Darrelle Revis needs to make a decision

Will New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis hold out or not? That's been an offseason question in New York for months.

The Pro Bowl corner, who has two years and $13.5 million left on his contract, continues to send mixed messages. When asked Thursday by the New York media if he will show up on time for training camp, Revis responded, “I don't know. That's all I'm telling you. I don't know if I am or I'm not. I told you that a while back."

It's understandable that Revis is tired of answering the same question. But what Revis doesn't understand is this is a problem of his own doing.

Revis is the best player on the Jets. When the best player is unhappy with his contract, it's a big story. His stance/non-stance on the contract issue this offseason is leaving everyone confused and only creates more questions.

Is Revis "cool" with his contract, like he said a few weeks ago? Or is he still disgruntled? Why would Revis show up for voluntary organized team activities but remain undecided on mandatory training camp? Revis isn't saying, and that's why people keep asking.

Revis has everyone, including the Jets, playing the guessing game right now. But he needs to make a decision on his intentions. If Revis wants to hold out, that's his prerogative. If Revis wants to play out this year, that's his choice, too.

But the indecision is only getting more baffling. Until Revis makes up his mind, expect a full summer of "Will he or won't he?" in New York leading up to training camp. Revis had a chance to put the issue to bed for good Thursday but left the situation open for more speculation.