Morning take: Patriots fight in practice

Here are the most interesting stories Thursday in the AFC East:

  • A huge scuffle happened at New England Patriots' camp, led by left tackle Nate Solder against linebacker Brandon Spikes.

Morning take: Next week's scrimmage against the New Orleans Saints cannot come soon enough. These are the dog days of camp when guys get antsy hitting the same people everyday.

Morning take: Buffalo has young players in the secondary, but they are competitive. This is also a sign that the quarterbacks need to be more careful with the football.

Morning take: Clemons has the inside track against Jimmy Wilson, but Wilson made up ground after Clemons was hurt. That probably sped up Clemons’ recovery a bit.

Morning take: Last year Ryan lost the pulse. So it's important that he gets it back. The Antonio Cromartie controversy is the first issue that needs to be taken care of.