Pats coordinator bemoans inconsistent defense

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham
New England Patriots defensive coordinator Dean Pees didn't sound like a happy camper during his Friday news conference.

With a bye week and the NFL mandating offensive and defensive coordinators be available to media on alternating weeks, it was the first time Pees spoke to reporters since the Miami Dolphins rolled up 38 points on the Patriots in Foxborough, Mass.

Pees presides over one of the NFL's most feared defensive front sevens, but they didn't live up to a shadow of their reputation in Week 3.

Overall, Pees labeled the defense "inconsistent" through their first three games.

"We've played well at times. We've played poor at times," Pees said. "We just have to learn to be more consistent. Whether it be pass rush, whether it be tackling, whether it is playing deep balls, third down ... all those things we've been good at times, we've been not so good at times.

"We just have to learn to be more consistent, which is what we have been in the past. We have to get back to that."

Pees took much of the blame for the Dolphins' exotic Wildcat offense being so effective, even though the Dolphins used the single-wing, direct-snap gimmick only six times.

"Anytime somebody gives you a different wrinkle you have to adjust to it," Pees said. "That's our job. They did a good job. I give Miami a lot of credit for having a little bit of a scheme to come in and give us a different look. It's my job, though, as a coordinator to do a better job of getting the adjustments to our guys quicker.

"We finally got it adjusted, but I needed to do a better job of getting it quicker. I take responsibility for that, and then the players, when we did get it adjusted, need to do a better job of tackling it. We gave up a couple of plays that we had it stopped and we just didn't tackle.

"That was not the case early on. They caught us. I give them credit. I take responsibility. We have to get it handled quicker. I have to do a better job. The players have to do a better job."