Dolphins break out Wildcat right away

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham
MIAMI -- The Miami Dolphins are showing their Wildcat offense wasn't a one-game gimmick.

The Dolphins unveiled their single-wing, direct-snap offense during their rollicking 38-13 victory over the New England Patriots in Week 3.

Right away in this afternoon's game against the San Diego Chargers, the Dolphins are relying on it. They snapped it to running back Ronnie Brown on their second play and used it four times on their opening drive, which led to a 47-yard Dan Carpenter field goal to tie the game at 3.

The Dolphins used the Wildcat only six times against the Patriots, but the plays were so dramatic it looked like it was their base offense to those who viewed the highlights. Brown ran for four touchdowns and threw for another.

On the opening drive against San Diego, however, the runs went for 2 (Brown), 1 (Ricky Williams), 12 (Brown) and 1 (Brown) yards.

And the rain has started to fall ...