'Hard Knocks' report: Episode Three

HBO's "Hard Knocks" with the Miami Dolphins aired its third episode Tuesday night.

Here is a recap:

  • The show starts with some leftovers from cutting receiver Chad Johnson. There was a very interesting scenario in which a concerned Reggie Bush asked head coach Joe Philbin if he can meet with a few of the players. Bush, linebacker Karlos Dansby and left tackle Jake Long met with Philbin in his office to express concerns about supporting the locker room. This comes off the heels of Dansby making disparaging comments about cutting Johnson. It seems the leaders and Philbin reached an understanding.

  • It looks like backup offensive lineman John Jerry is this week's scapegoat. The Dolphins' coaches were ripping Jerry in meetings, calling him overweight and saying he's regressing. Jerry was so winded in one practice that he threw up. Jerry joins the list of other "Hard Knocks" scapegoats such as cornerback Vontae Davis and rookie tight end Michael Egnew. Jerry did improve in the second preseason game.

  • Miami guard Eric Steinbach admits to head coach Joe Philbin that he's not progressing as well as he wanted. Steinbach is coming off major back surgery and missed all of 2011. He said he doesn't want to bring up retirement. But not playing as well as he's used to is killing him. Keep an eye on this in the coming weeks if Steinbach doesn't make enough strides.

  • The Dolphins' coaching staff was not happy with the team's preseason loss to the Carolina Panthers. Philbin told the team at halftime he did not expect such a poor first half. Defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle was visibly frustrated with his group after giving up 20 first-half points. Philbin gave a not-so-happy speech after the game.

  • "Hard Knocks" did a good job documenting how rookie Ryan Tannehill was given the starting quarterback job in Week 1. The coaches first met with veteran Matt Moore. His quarterback's coach told Moore he was "the best backup QB in the league" and they're going with Tannehill. Moore handled it professionally but didn't seem too pleased based on the look on his face. Tannehill was told afterwards and handled it matter-of-fact. The "Ryan Tannehill era" is underway.