Hits (from fans) keep coming for Jauron

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham

Nick Mendola, the bard of Buffalo all-sports radio station WGR 550, properly puts the Dick Jauron era to song with "When Will Jauron Get Fired," set to the tune of Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire."

Jauron Jauron's timeline includes all the appropriate references to all of the catchphrases and missteps that have marked his tenure. He was let off the hook for "trouble in the Suez" and "hypodermics on the shore," but give Bills fans a little more time.

Ryan Abshagen, an 18-year-old fan, started a Web site to protest Jauron's continued stewardship of the Bills and raise money to post a protest message on a billboard.

Enough donations were posted to purchase space on a digital billboard off Interstate 190 for a week. The sign, flashed upwards of 3,000 times a day, begs Bills owner Ralph Wilson to fire Jauron, vice president of college scouting Tom Modrak and vice president of pro personnel John Guy.

But there's a bit of good news for Jauron -- sort of.

It doesn't look like his SportsNation NFL head coach approval rating will go down. Jauron established a new low for the poll last week when he pulled down a 4 percent. He opened the week at 3 percent with nearly 3,500 votes already cast, but he climbed back to 4 percent as of this posting and likely will stay there.

Joe DeMartino from SportsNation has sorted through all the weekly ratings for every NFL coach since the poll began last season and found Jauron's 4 percent is a record.

Minnesota Vikings coach Brad Childress held the previous record when he scored a 6 percent for Week 4 last year. Cleveland Browns coach Eric Mangini registered an 8 percent in Week 3 this year.

To further emphasize how angry Bills fans are, Jauron set the record for most votes generated last week with 3,967. He broke the record again this week. As I write this, he has 5,439 votes.