Mario Williams feeling some heat on Twitter

Buffalo Bills defensive end Mario Williams hasn't tweeted since July 23. That’s probably a good thing, because Williams is getting drilled for his sub-par play on Twitter.

Williams was celebrated as the biggest offseason signing in Bills history. He inked a $100 million contract with Buffalo but has disappeared more often than not. The Bills are 3-4 and Williams and the defense has underachieved. Williams also has complained about a wrist injury that got the team fined and recently resulted in minor surgery.

Twitter sometimes can be a good litmus test with football fans. A quick search of Williams’ Twitter page, which has more than 32,000 followers, brought back these harsh responses from Bills fans.

  • Sphister writes: “Hey Mario, could we get a refund? #Billsmafia”

  • GiBillsfan40 writes: “Bills fans don’t want you on the team if you don’t try.”

  • JeffreyStalker writes: “Dude you are such a bust. Have some self-respect and try to earn that 100 million dollars.”

  • Wallyre716 writes: “Come on, man. That bad wrist didn’t have a problem signing that contract!”

  • JumpouttheJim writes: “Maybe getting his wrist fixed will help him move his legs.”

  • Diloreto writes: “Why can’t you be like the #Dolphins DEs.”

  • Vinny_AM_ writes: “Not hating but you ever think of using something other than a bull rush? Just saying.”

  • Cechmatee writes: “Kyle Moore is better than you. At least he’s not getting pancaked by tight ends or whining about injuries.”

  • MSamentello13 writes: “Start acting like [Julius] Peppers. Got his money and still an All-Pro.”

  • MtxSalinas writes: “Almost pulled a [Williams] and no-showed to work today.”


This is the harsh reality with today's social media. Fans can voice their frustration directly to the players -- and it's not always nice.

With a huge contract come huge expectations. Williams has immense talent and still has nine games left to show it. It starts Sunday against the Houston Texans, his former team.