AFC East Homer of the Week

November, 3, 2012
We haven’t done this in a while. But we got this classic recently in our AFC East inbox after ranking the Miami Dolphins second behind the New England Patriots in our division Power Rankings.


John from Auburn Hills, Mich., writes: Like all Dolphin fans, you are truly clueless about football. The Dolphins do not even win 8 games and will finish 4th in the division. The Bills likely finish 3rd with 8 or 9 games. The Jets will win at least 9 games and finish second.

James Walker: For starters, John, I’m not a Dolphins fan or a fan of any NFL team. If you read the blog long enough, you will see I point out the good and bad of all four AFC East teams. I only root for the Temple Owls. So call me a Temple homer if you want. Second, the Bills and Jets are not both getting eight or nine wins this year. It's just not happening. But I can’t completely get on you, John. I, too, was wrong about the Dolphins. But I corrected my bad prediction weeks ago. You can come around, too, John. The Dolphins have the best chance to push the Patriots in the second half of the season.

James Walker | email

ESPN Miami Dolphins reporter



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