Simms: Fins 'close to desperation game time'

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham

CBS Sports analysts Phil Simms and Bill Cowher shared their thoughts on Week 8 matchups within the AFC.

Here are their takes on various games that pertain to the AFC East.

Simms on the Dolphins-Jets rematch:

The thing about the Jets and the Dolphins, there's always been a rivalry, but it's really stepping up. Rex Ryan is making sure to step it up at a faster pace than these rivalries are used to. It makes for good preparation during the week. It's getting close to desperation game time for the Miami Dolphins. One, because of the number of losses and two, because it's a division game. This time of year it's getting to that stage of the season where if you lose, it's hard to make it back up with the season almost half over.

Simms on Miami quarterback Chad Henne:

The big thing with Chad Henne is that many people don't even recognize his name. I have been impressed with him. He's played very well. He's very talented, and he absolutely has a chance to be in the same class as Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco. But you can't tell anybody that because he's just not a big enough name. He wasn't ballyhooed on draft day. He probably deserved to be a first-round draft pick, but was not.

Simms on Jets' rookie running back Shonn Greene:

I liked Shonn Greene a lot coming out of college, and I thought that when the Jets moved up in the draft to get him it was a great move on their part. I think there were quite a few NFL teams that were sitting back and shaking their heads because they were mad they didn't make the move to go up and get Shonn Greene.

Cowher on the Jets and Texans, who will visit Buffalo on Sunday:

When you look at the 4-3 teams that are hovering, in particular the Jets and Houston, this is a pivotal week. For the Jets, it's a divisional game being played at home and is a game that they have to win.

Houston is a team that needs to make the next step. To get a win on the road against a Buffalo team that has won ugly the past couple of weeks would be a big statement game. Houston is a team that has the best receiver in football. They may have the best tight end in football in Owen Daniels with the start he's off to, one of the top returners in Jacoby Jones, and they have a quarterback right now who's playing as well as anybody in the league. They have offensive firepower, and Mario Williams and group of linebackers give them playmakers on defense. But they have to be able to win and put together streaks of games. Houston is a team that has flashed, but they have to show an ability to be more consistent week in and week out.