ESPN.com's shining jewel: AFC East chat wrap

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham

Ed Werder lasted 42 minutes.

Pat LaFontaine wasn't man enough to make it past 15 minutes.

Calvin Watkins started late and went about 45 minutes.

What a bunch of jokers.

Friday's chat lineup wasn't all that prolific until yours truly swooped onto the scene at 3 p.m. and spun all sorts of gold for nearly two hours. You can enrich your life by clicking on this link and absorbing every single word.

Some might think I stay on my chats longer than everybody else to compensate for a lack of insight or entertainment value. Well, let the haters hate.

The high-quality production you find in the AFC East chat is, quite frankly, unmatched.

What was that? Dan Rafael went 3:29?

Clearly, he has issues.