Scott predicts Fins will, ahem, win Super Bowl

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Do you think New York Jets linebacker Bart Scott was a little bitter about losing to the Miami Dolphins again?

Scott's comments were saturated with sarcasm Sunday after the Dolphins gained 104 yards but still managed to win 30-25 at the Meadowlands, completing the series sweep.

"They’re a great team," Scott said. "They’ll probably contend for the Super Bowl. They have a hellacious offense, great running backs, great quarterback, great tight ends. They're stacked across the board. I’m serious. They are great.

"Like I said, they have a great team. They have a tremendous offense and they showed it today. They are Super Bowl contenders and they will probably take it all the way."

Scott wasn't shy in talking about the Dolphins in the days leading up the game. He said he had developed a hatred for the Dolphins and unashamedly said he wanted to knock Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne out of the game.

"This is about us, our defense, getting our swagger back," Scott said earlier on "Barking With Bart," his weekly show on NewYorkJets.com. "They took it from us. They took our mojo, so to speak. It's time for us to get our redemption."

I guess there's always 2010.