Chaos doesn't always equal sacks for Jets

Perception of the New York Jets' defense was that they got after quarterbacks like a band of sword-wielding berserkers.

They have led the NFL in sending extra pressure since the season began. ESPN Stats & Information notes the Jets send at least five pass-rushers 58.6 percent of the time.

Only the New Orleans Saints send at least five pass-rushers more than half the time. Twenty teams deploy that kind of pressure less than 40 percent of the time.

Despite the Jets' aggression, they went into Week 6 with four sacks, tied for fewest in the NFL.

"Some of it has to do with the opponent you play," Jets coach Rex Ryan said Thursday. "It's like the reporters down in Jacksonville asked me [on a conference call to preview Sunday's game against the Jaguars] 'You're not getting any sacks, has that been disappointing, your pressure on the quarterback?' We knocked down Tom Brady 23 times. Does that count for anything?"

The Jets face a lot of maximum protections because of their aggression, but in the past three games, Ryan's gang has recorded 10 sacks and now is tied with the St. Louis Rams for 27th on the sacks chart.

In their last game before going on a bye, the Jets notched six sacks against the Miami Dolphins two weeks ago.

"Our plans haven’t changed," Jets defensive coordinator Mike Pettine said. "We had some games where we didn’t get teams in the situations where we felt we could be a little more chaotic, when we get to third-and-long, when the threat of the run is gone and we can be a little less gap-sound and more in the overloads and some of that stuff that involves the chaos."