Dolphins film review: Ryan Tannehill

The Miami Dolphins looked impressive Friday in their 27-3 victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars. Miami improved to 1-1 in the preseason.

Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill is one of the keys to Miami’s season, so I’m keeping a close eye on his development in Year 2.

After going back and studying the game tape, here is how Tannehill graded on all his throws:

First series

  • On his first passing play, center Mike Pouncey and right guard Josh Samuda have a miscommunication that allows Jacksonville defensive tackle Sen'Derrick Marks to get in for a quick sack. (Even)

  • On third down and 11, Tannehill gets a clean pocket and has two short options open with receiver Brian Hartline over the middle and running back Lamar Miller flaring out. But instead of taken what’s given, Tannehill continues to search downfield for the first down until the pocket collapses. He tries to scramble at the end of the play but is thrown to the ground. (-1 point)

Second series

  • On first down, Tannehill shows poise against Jacksonville’s four-man rush. He steps up in the pocket and finds slot receiver Brandon Gibson for a first down. Tannehill's head stayed up the entire time. (+1 point)

  • From the shotgun, Dolphins right tackle Tyson Clabo gets beat inside and a Jacksonville defender falls in front of Tannehill. The quarterback gets happy feet, doesn’t go through the proper mechanics and throws an off-target incompletion to Miller. (-1 point)

  • On third-and-10, Tannehill is quickly flushed out of the pocket. He scrambles right and tries to make a broken play worse by throwing a ball to Miller that’s nearly intercepted on the sideline. Tannehill is trying to force plays, which isn’t his game. (-1 point)

Third series

  • On first down, the coaching staff makes a good play-call by giving Tannehill a rhythm throw to Hartline for 9 yards. (+1 point)

  • On third-and-short, Miami curiously comes out in shotgun and runs a poorly-executed play that results in a batted pass intended for fullback/tight end Charles Clay. Tannehill gets little protection on the play. Miami’s offense goes three-and-out twice in three possessions. (-1 point)

Fourth series

  • Tannehill gets a clean pocket and throws a beautiful touch pass to tight end Dustin Keller over the middle for 24 yards. That was a big-time throw by Tannehill, who set his feet and put the ball right where it needed to be in the hole of the Jaguars’ defense. (+1 point)

  • On first down, Marks gives Samuda problems again. But Tannehill scrambles to get out of the way. Tannehill dumps the ball off to Miller and lets the tailback pick up a decent gain. (+1 point)

  • Tannehill throws an incomplete pass to Brian Tyms. (-1 point)

  • On third down, Tannehill runs the West Coast offense's bread and butter play -- the slant -- to Marvin McNutt. The receiver catches the ball but also gets a pass interference call. (+1 point)

  • Tannehill on the next play sees Keller streaking down the field with single coverage on a safety. Tannehill steps to his right and throw an impressive back-shoulder touchdown pass to Keller, who adjusts and makes a tough catch. (+1 point)

Final point total: +1 point

Conclusion: Tannehill did not have a great performance and is still showing signs of his inexperience. This game showed he can make some throws and has the potential that makes a lot of people excited about him. The pass protection broke down at times and Tannehill held the ball too long on some plays. But the good news is Miami has three more preseason games. Tannehill just needs to put it together and be more consistent with his accuracy.