Who are go-to guys on third down?


The Miami Dolphins have a pair of go-to receivers on third down.

Davone Bess ranks second in the NFL with 19 third-down receptions. Greg Camarillo has 12 of them, and all have gained first downs.

ESPN Stats & Information provided the list of receivers who make the catches when they matter most.

New York Giants receiver Steve Smith leads the NFL with 26 third-down receptions for 301 yards, 20 first downs and three touchdowns. All of those figures are first or tied for first.

Bess is next on the third-down list with 19 catches for 138 yards and 14 conversions but no touchdowns.

New England Patriots receiver Randy Moss ranks tied for sixth with 16 receptions for 211 yards, 15 first downs and three touchdowns.

Camarillo, San Diego Chargers tight end Antonio Gates and Baltimore Ravens receiver Kelley Washington are the only three players that have converted every one of their double-digit receptions on third down.

Gates has 13 catches for 13 first downs. Camarillo (140 yards) and Washington (156 yards) are 12 for 12.

The New York Jets' top third-down target is Jerricho Cotchery. He ranks tied for 30th with 11 receptions for 94 yards, 10 first downs and one touchdown.

Running back Marshawn Lynch leads the Buffalo Bills despite being suspended three games. He also has 11 third-down catches for 83 yards but only three conversions.