Simms: Patriots must avoid Indy hangover

CBS Sports color commentator Phil Simms will be at Gillette Stadium to call Sunday's game between the New York Jets and New England Patriots.

Simms shared his thoughts on Bill Belichick's infamous decision to go for it on fourth down against the Indianapolis Colts and how a victory on Sunday can soothe them.

On Belichick’s fourth-down call:

It’s been documented that this was a premeditated thought. The whole week leading up to the game, he decided he was going to do this. I always tell people this about coaches: If it's fourth-and-1 from the 1, the last play of the game, coaches already know what play they're going to call. They determine those kinds of things during the week.

So do I agree? It's not about agreeing. Would I have done it? No, I would not have done it. What gets overlooked is not having timeouts. If he would have had one, I believe he would have won the challenge because in my mind Kevin Faulk was past the 30-yard line and clearly had possession of the football. It's a general rule in the NFL to use your timeouts, no matter what, in the first half. In the second half, save them regardless of almost any situation, unless it's a scoring opportunity. Save those timeouts for the end of the game.

On how Patriots will respond against the Jets:

Emotionally, there’s a little bit of a hangover from it because you put so much into the game. It was such an emotionally charged game. Then it's talked about by the media, your family, your friends, your teammates. Sometimes it's hard to put that behind you. If I was the coach, I would hope we do something good early to get the emotions and everything going our way in the game against the Jets.

On the Jets coming off five losses in six games:

The Jets have played a lot of close games. It's how you play the last couple minutes of the game that many times determines if you're a playoff team. They have not reacted well when the pressure is on -- on either side of the ball -- when it comes to those moments late in the game. Overall, the Jets have done a lot of good things. I've watched all of their games and Mark Sanchez has had a good rookie year. Has it been great? No, but it's very good.

On this being the rematch of a Jets victory in Week 2:

When the Patriots played in Week 2 they did not block the New York Jets very well. But now there’s a lot of film out there. There have been a lot of things to look at as the NFL season has settled in. Can the Jets get guys free and running at Tom Brady consistently like they did in Week 2? My first thought is, "I have to see it to believe it." Because they're experienced and had more time to prepare, I think the Patriots will handle the Jets' blitz much better this time around.