Dolphins' dormant Wildcat claws Seahawks

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham
The Miami Dolphins roused their slumbering Wildcat on Sunday, scoring two touchdowns out of the exotic and entertaining formation in a 21-19 victory over the Seattle Seahawks.

ESPN's Stats & Information department has been tracking the Wildcat since it was unveiled in Week 3.

The Dolphins ran seven Wildcat plays for 82 yards, much of it coming on a 51-yard Ricky Williams touchdown dash. Ronnie Brown took one 16 yards for a score.

The Wildcat is a modified single-wing formation in which the line is unbalanced with two tackles on one side. Brown usually takes a direct shotgun snap, with Williams lining up at wingback and quarterback Chad Pennington split out as a receiver.

Before Sunday, the Dolphins had failed to score a Wildcat touchdown three straight weeks.

They ran it five times for 4 yards against the Baltimore Ravens in Week 7, seven times for 34 yards against the Buffalo Bills in Week 8 and four times for minus-5 yards against the Denver Broncos in Week 8.