What happens when Kraft interviews Brady

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- What happens when New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft is the interviewer and Tom Brady is the one answering the questions on national television?

We found out the answer to that question Friday morning, as Kraft was live on the New York-based set of one of his favorite shows, CNBC's "Squawk Box", to speak on the start of the NFL season and other business-related interests, while Brady was a guest from Gillette Stadium via remote.

Kraft asked three questions of Brady:

1. I was working out with Harold [Nash] in our strength and conditioning department and he said to me, 'I was with Tommy on the field and that man is not 37.' Explain the magic elixir that allows you to do it.

That drew a laugh from Brady, who said, "I wish I had all the answers." Then Brady deflected the question (hey, nice to know he does it to his own boss, too) by saying, "I like to keep a little secrets to myself because I don't want to give away too much information to my competitors. But I'm in a good place, I'm excited for the year to start."

2. Do you want to talk about TB12?

That teed up Brady to discuss his sports therapy center at Patriot Place and the "cool innovative things" he feels are available to players to get them back on the field faster than in the past. "It's really about sustained peak performance, which is what I'm all about, and that's the message that I want to spread to kids, weekend warriors, certainly my teammates, that there is a better way out there than what we currently know, some of the old-school techniques that have been out there for a long time that don't necessarily work as well as some of the things we're doing," he said.

3. Tommy, [one of the hosts] was asking me if I thought we could beat the Seahawks. He's a big, Patriots fan, I guess.

Brady laughed at that question as well, saying he watched parts of the NFL opener Thursday night. He was complimentary of Seattle. "They looked pretty good last night. They have a good team. Certainly playing there in Seattle is always a tough challenge, we learned that a few years ago. They're a great team and I think they have a great quarterback and great coach. They're going to be tough to beat. It's a long year, and there are a lot of things that can happen between now and the end of the season. They got off to a good start last night and hopefully we do the same in Miami."

One other note from the interview: Brady referred to Kraft by his initials "RKK" twice, at one point passing along something Kraft has said in the past.

"It's a new season, we have a new opportunity, and hopefully this team can go out and really finish," Brady said when asked about how the past few seasons have ended. "RKK says to me a lot, 'It's the last 10 percent that is most important.' We got ourselves to the doorstep a bunch of times. We have to figure out a way how to close it."