Sam Madison not a Ted Ginn fan

Ted Ginn is blazingly fast and has shown flashes of game-breaking talent during his three seasons with the Miami Dolphins.



But there's no escaping Ginn has been an incredibly frustrating player for Dolfans to watch since he entered the league as the ninth overall selection in the 2007 draft ahead of players such as Patrick Willis, Darrelle Revis, Lawrence Timmons, Dwayne Bowe, Brandon Meriweather and Robert Meachem.

Ginn has had his share of apologists within the Dolphin family, but don't count retired cornerback Sam Madison among them.

Madison, a four-time Pro Bowler who still refers to the Dolphins as "we," delivered a scathing critique of Ginn during an interview on former Dolphins tight end Joe Rose's show on Miami sports radio station WQAM.

"Ted Ginn is not a No. 1" receiver, Madison said. Madison declared undrafted slot receiver Davone Bess is the best target on Miami's roster.

Ginn has been electric on kick returns and occasionally gets behind the secondary, but Madison understands how fans can get upset when Ginn catches a pass and hits the turf or scurries out of bounds.

"He dodges tacklers," Madison said. "Instead of delivering the blow, he's running away from it. That's going to get him in bad situations. When you catch the ball, you have to have bad intentions.

"If you look at a guy like Hines Ward, when he catches the ball he's turning around and looking up. Ted Ginn is usually catching the ball, running backwards and slipping and falling. You may be able to run through one of those tackles or the defensive back may miss or fall down and then you can use your speed. But he's always ducking and dodging."

Madison finished his career with the New York Giants and defended Ginn when they played at Wembley Stadium in 2007. Madison immediately recognized Ginn couldn't cope with contact.

"We knew we could take him out of the game because we heard he wasn't physical," Madison said. "I go over there and I jam him and he can't get off the jam. Then I tell the rest of the guys. Now, the whole team is gunning to make him quit by hitting him hard and making you get down on the ground."