Bills unable to beat winners since 1999

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham
James from Rochester, N.Y., recently dropped a note in my AFC East mailbag with a request for information on the Buffalo Bills:

Tim, I'm just curious if the brains at ESPN can do a comparison of Buffalo's win/loss record against opponents with a .500 or worse record vs. opponets with a record over .500, over, say, the past 8 years (years without making the playoffs). It would be interesting to see the disparity, given they haven't beat a team with a winning record yet this year.

We can do that, James.

With the help of ESPN.com researcher David Bearman, we've broken down the Bills' record against opponents that went into the game with a winning record and opponents that had either even or losing records since Buffalo's playoff slump began in 2000.

The results are alarming.

The running tally against teams with winning records: 16-47. That's a success rate of .254.

The best season the Bills managed versus teams with winning records occurred in 2002, when they went 4-4. They've gone 3-5 three times.

In five of the Bills' past nine seasons, including their current campaign, they've recorded one or zero victories against winning opponents.

Buffalo is 43-34 (.558) against teams with even or losing records since its last playoff appearance.

One more note over this span: The Bills have won back-to-back games against teams with winning records a grand total of once. They pulled it off in 2004, when they beat the St. Louis Rams and Seattle Seahawks to begin a six-game winning streak under coach Mike Mularkey.