In best QB debate, does Warner beat Brady?

One of the great sports debates of this generation asks who is the greatest quarterback: Tom Brady or Peyton Manning.

Brady's atrocious four-giveaway performance in Saturday's playoff loss to the Baltimore Ravens and Manning's fourth MVP award might temper the discussion for the time being. Brady still holds the edge with three Super Bowl rings, for those who consider that the most important stat.

But Football Outsiders broaches another either-or question that suggests a second quarterback be considered Brady's superior:

Kurt Warner.

You need to be an ESPN Insider to read Bill Barnwell's article that compares career playoff numbers for Brady and Warner and the results are pretty clear-cut.

Warner owns a better completion percentage, averages 2.1 yards more per attempt, has more touchdowns and has fewer interceptions.

Barnwell points out Brady's 14-4 postseason record is better than Warner's 9-3 and that Brady plays outdoors, while Warner spent most of his career under domes. Then again, Brady's reputation was cemented as a clutch quarterback for orchestrating late game-winning drives in Super Bowls that were played in domes.

Barnwell presents a reasoned analysis and comes away with this conclusion: "Kurt Warner has been the better playoff quarterback, and it's hard to see how there's a debate that doesn't involve mythology and the media."