Revis: Moss doesn't understand respect

SAN DIEGO -- The matchup of New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis on New England Patriots receiver Randy Moss has become one of the NFL's most delicious rivalries.

Revis, in an NFL Network interview with Deion Sanders that aired Sunday, took jabs at Moss and Buffalo Bills receiver Terrell Owens, calling each a "slouch."

Revis told Boston Globe reporter Albert Breer the disdain for Moss -- and the Patriots, in general -- stems from comments Moss made when Revis limited him to four catches for 24 yards in Week 3. Moss dismissed Revis' performance and said he had help from other defensive backs.

"I think you give respect where it's due," Revis said told Breer Sunday in Qualcomm Stadium after the Jets beat the San Diego Chargers to advance to the AFC Championship Game. "There's a lot of stuff that goes on with New England and [Bill] Belichick. I just don't think they were giving me my credit. So in the second game, I had to show them again and just do my job -- covering the best receiver and trying to shut him down.

"It's a respect thing that Randy Moss, for some reason, doesn't get."