Reeves hoping Gailey calls

In a matter of a few hours, Dan Reeves already seems to have backed away from talk of him joining Chan Gailey's staff with the Buffalo Bills.


ReevesIn a story posted by Buffalo's CBS affiliate, Reeves told sports director and Bills' play-by-play voice John Murphy "I tell you, if I could help Chan Gailey out, I would certainly be interested in that."

Atlanta Journal-Constitution columnist Jeff Schultz followed up on the report by calling the former Denver Broncos, New York Giants and Atlanta Falcons head coach at his home.

Reeves said hasn't heard from Gailey since a few days before he was named head coach and had no idea at the time Gailey was being considered for the job.

"It's news to me," Reeves said of talk he might be added to Gailey's staff. Reeves has known Gailey for decades, having coached him in youth baseball.

Reeves came close to returning to the Dallas Cowboys as a consultant last year, but the deal fell through. He told Schultz his desire to return "is fading out. The big thing about the NFL is somebody has to want you. All of the young guys are having success, so they're not that interested [in somebody older]."

Then again, these are the vague and aw-shucks kinds of comments unemployed coaches deliver in moments like these. Marty Schottenheimer also made public statements that belied his true wishes to coach the Bills.

But it didn't sound like Gailey had Reeves in mind when asked about the coaches he was considering to fill out his staff. At Tuesday's news conference, Gailey said he already had begun the process but "the people that we're going to attract probably won't have the names that somebody might recognize right off the bat."