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Thursday, February 4, 2010
Your 2009 All-AFC East team revealed

Lousaka Polite
Thanks to the dogged support of blog readers, Lousaka Polite got the nod for the All-AFC East team over the New York Jets' Tony Richardson.
A week ago, I solicited your help to select the AFC East's best players at every position for 2009.

Your votes have been counted and your comments read at and on my Facebook page. I believe we've come up with a rock-solid All-AFC East team.

In almost every case, the player who received the most votes made the squad. So consider this the team you selected. The only time I had to make a call was to break a tie or for a position that generated scant attention.

I also exercised my right as AFC East blog czar to revoke a ballot for stupidity and only considered the votes of people who made an honest effort to field an entire ballot -- not just throw out a name or two of a player from their team. Anybody who submitted an idiotic selection -- Buffalo Bills rookie Andy Levitre at left guard over two Pro Bowlers? -- got their entire ballot killed on account of credibility.

The biggest debate involved fullbacks Tony Richardson and Lousaka Polite, for whom passionate Dolfans made a convincing case. The vote was close enough that my influence would have allowed me to pick Richardson for the All-AFC East team, but you Polite zealots wore me down.

The biggest surprises from my perspective:
Close votes where I made the final call: