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Wednesday, December 29, 2010
Should Jets rest starters in Week 17?

ESPN analysts Tedy Bruschi and Tim Hasselbeck gave their thoughts on whether the New York Jets should rest quarterback Mark Sanchez or any other starting players for Sunday's regular-season finale against the Buffalo Bills at the Meadowlands.

The Jets have clinched a playoff berth. They have a remote shot of moving up from the sixth seed to the fifth seed with a victory, but other games also would have to break a certain way.

"Unless you're clearly convinced that he's really at risk with that shoulder or you know he's going to be substantially better by giving him a week off, then I think you play Mark Sanchez," Hasselbeck said. "We've seen a quarterback really not play that great down the stretch. You're also asking a young quarterback to do a lot at the line of scrimmage. I think he's struggled in that area. I think playing in the game would be a good thing for him, to get a little confidence going."

Bruschi said, in general, the decision to rest or play should come down to whether a team has a first-round bye. The Jets will play on the road in the first round no matter what.

"If you have that first-round bye, you play because you don't want to get rusty on two weeks off," Bruschi said. "But if you have a game the next week, you take rest even if you have a little bit of an injury."