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Tuesday, November 10, 2009
Homeless man finds a friend in vagabond Parcells

They're probably more alike than you'd think, a couple of drifters from New Jersey.

The main difference is that Bill Parcells has had many homes. He merely chooses to leave them before he gets too comfortable.

John Schoen is flat-out homeless.

Boston Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy wrote a piece on Parcells that ran Sunday, the day Parcells' current team (the Miami Dolphins) played one of his old ones (the New England Patriots).

Shaughnessy's column revealed Parcells befriended a vagrant in Fort Lauderdale. Parcells brings the man the newspaper in the morning and they talk football.

Palm Beach Post reporter Carlos Frias found the homeless man and shared his tale.

Schoen, 57, is a former carnival worker who moved to Florida for construction work after Hurricane Andrew, but wound up selling newspapers near the 17th Street Causeway. Schoen told Frias that's how he met Parcells, and they hit it off.
"He treated me like a human being, like I actually mattered," Schoen said.

Shortly after Schoen disclosed he was a Philadelphia Eagles fan, Parcells came by with some Eagles paraphernalia sent by head coach Andy Reid. Parcells also has given the panhandler choice tickets to Dolphins games.
"The only thing we don't talk about is politics and religion," Schoen said. "You want an argument, that's the place you go to."

Probably should stay away from the topic of Gibril Wilson's tackling, too.