Bella Twins on Wrestlemania, Dolphins

MIAMI -- The Heat and the NBA are locked out.

The Dolphins (0-7) can't win a game and the Hurricanes (4-4) are unranked.

Miami's sports scene is hurting right now, making it the perfect time for Wrestlemania to invade South Florida. The WWE's version of the Super Bowl held its kickoff party in downtown Miami Friday evening.

Because we occasionally like to mix things up, ESPN.com's AFC East blog stopped by and caught up with The Bella Twins -- Brie and Nikki -- to discuss the April 1 event and Miami sports. Wrestlemania brought in an estimated $62 million of revenue to Atlanta last year, and Miami expects similar results.

"Not having the Heat and them losing in the Finals, at least you win and have Wrestlemania and bring the city a lot of money," Brie Bella said of Miami. "We bring people from 142 countries and they get to enjoy your beaches."

The Bella Twins also know their football. Both are big fantasy-league players. Their team is 5-2 this season, although New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady nearly let their team down last week against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Friday we asked The Bella Twins the biggest football question in Miami: How do you fix the winless Dolphins?

"They need to get a quarterback, running back and wide receiver that makes magic together," Nikki Bella said. "I think with the top teams, that's what they have. I feel like the Dolphins do not have that -- they haven't had that."

Miami's rebuilding process starts at quarterback. Chad Henne is out for the year and his contract will be up at the end of the season.

Most Dolphins fans are clamoring for Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck, who is projected to be the No. 1 overall draft pick next year. The Dolphins and Indianapolis Colts (0-8) are the only remaining winless teams in the NFL.

"It would be amazing if Miami got him," said Brie Bella, agreeing with most Dolphins fans. "I think it's a tough fight with the Colts. It looks like the Colts have their eye on him, but who knows if Peyton Manning is going to allow that. But the Dolphins would benefit huge if they got him."