Joe Philbin seeks improvements during bye

DAVIE, Fla. – The thought process of an NFL head coach can be nonstop during the season. They want everything fixed as soon as possible, and they are constantly thinking of ways to improve the team.

With that said, too much time for a head coach can be a bad thing. The mind is always racing, and the more time to think, the higher the propensity to make too many changes.

The Miami Dolphins (2-2) completed their final practice of the bye week on Wednesday. The players get four days off and will return on Monday morning.

Dolphins coach Joe Philbin will not get nearly as much time off as the players. There is work to be done to figure out ways to build consistency.

“Well, you kind of get a chance to reassess everything you’re doing,” Philbin said. “You look at a lot of different things."

Philbin explained, specifically, some of the things Miami's coaches will look at. It's a lengthy list just four games into the season.

“We’re going to meet with each side of the ball and the special teams to kind of get a quick synopsis of where we are, what we got to do to get better, what are the issues we’re facing, whether it’s third down, whether it’s first down, we've got to use this guy more, this guy less. We’ve got to play more zone, more man, we’ve got to throw it deep more; run more screens, all those type of things. In the middle of the week, you always look at yourself in the middle of the week. But it’s kind of, ‘What’s that?’ And then you’re on to the next thing. So this week gives us an opportunity to kind of look at it, see if we can readjust, shift our focus a little bit.”

Football is a complicated game coached by smart people. But sometimes that football IQ gets in the way and creates the propensity to overanalyze. Philbin understands there is a fine line of using the bye week wisely to improve without changing too much -- especially the things that have worked thus far.

Miami has 10 days to prepare for its next game, against the Green Bay Packers on Oct. 12 at Sun Life Stadium.

“We’re not going to reinvent stuff,” Philbin said of the bye. “So I’m not talking about reinventing, but I’m talking about, potentially, there might be one wrinkle or two that we can add. Maybe it’s a new formation. Maybe it was one new pressure on defense that fits within our scheme overall.

“But there is certainly, when you have too much time, I’m prone to doing too much and I know some of those things are true.”