AFC East: Caption this

Belichick/GronkowskiJim Rogash/Getty ImagesBill Belichick, lower left, and Rob Gronkowski, center, took in the Celtics-Heat playoff game Sunday.

The New England Patriots were out in full force to support the Boston Celtics in their overtime victory over the Miami Heat in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

And why not? This series involves two cities that share big rivalries in both the NBA and NFL (Patriots and Dolphins).

Here is a cool photo of Patriots Pro Bowl tight end Rob Gronkowski and head coach Bill Belichick from the game. It appears "Gronk" is being "Gronk" with his new haircut and Belichick is showing off a rare smile.

Provide your best "Caption this" summary of this photo in the comment section below.

Caption this: Tom Brady in despair

February, 6, 2012
Tom BradyAP Photo/Paul SancyaTom Brady walks off the field after the Patriots lost to the Giants in Super Bowl XLVI.
INDIANAPOLIS -- I've had many players tell me losing the Super Bowl is the worst feeling in sports. It takes so much work to get there, so much sacrifice, and to come up short makes the loser question if it's worth getting there in the first place.

In our latest version of "Caption this," we have the agony of defeat featuring Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. The New York Giants beat Brady and the Patriots for the second time in four years during Super Bowl XLVI.

So what is Brady thinking during this long, painful walk back to the locker room? There are tons of possibilities.

Be creative and, as always, keep it clean.

Caption this: Tebow and Sanchez

November, 22, 2011
Tim Tebow and Mark SanchezGarrett Ellwood/NBAE/Getty ImagesTim Tebow's last-minute touchdown was enough to beat Mark Sanchez and the Jets.
Quarterback Tim Tebow led the Denver Broncos to a 17-13 upset of the New York Jets last week. The Tebow-led Broncos dealt a huge blow to the playoff hopes of New York and quarterback Mark Sanchez.

In our latest version of "Caption this," provide your thoughts on Tebow’s post-game talk with Sanchez. What is Tebow saying? What is Sanchez saying back?

Have fun and keep it clean.

Caption this: Marshall and Fasano

November, 9, 2011
DolphinsJamie Squire/Getty ImagesCaption this photo of Miami's Anthony Fasano and Brandon Marshall.

The Miami Dolphins (1-7) finally had fun again playing a football game. Miami broke a 10-game losing streak by trouncing the Kansas City Chiefs, 31-3.

In our latest "Caption this," we have an interesting picture of Miami tight end Anthony Fasano and receiver Brandon Marshall from that game.

What are they smiling about? Why are they laughing? It could be a thousand possibilities.

Have fun and keep it clean.
Bill BelichickGregory Shamus/Getty ImagesBill Belichick's advice to his defense couldn't prevent the Patriots' loss in Pittsburgh.

The New England Patriots are 5-2. But their defense has been the talk of Boston because of its inconsistency.

In our latest "Caption this," we have Patriots coach and defensive guru Bill Belichick talking to three key defensive players: Safety Patrick Chung and linebackers Jerod Mayo and Brandon Spikes. This was during last week's 25-17 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, whose offense controlled the game.

So what is Belichick talking about with his defense?

Have fun and keep it clean.

Caption this: Rex Ryan at the plate

June, 14, 2011
Rex RyanAP Photo/Kathy KmonicekWhat could you possibly say in a caption for this photo of Rex Ryan with a baseball bat?

At the NFL owners' meeting in New Orleans three months back, New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan talked about calling his shot when it comes to Super Bowl predictions.

"They talk about walk softly and carry a big stick. I love that. I agree with that 100 percent," Ryan told New York Daily News writer Gary Myers. "But I guess I feel more like Babe Ruth. I'm going to walk softly, I'm going to carry that big stick and then I'm going to point and then I'm going to hit it over the fence."

Sunday at the House That Ruth Didn't Build, Ryan tried out some lumber in the New York Yankees' dugout. With the way the Cleveland Indians have been pitching, Ryan almost certainly could've legged out a double or two.

I need you to caption this photo. Keep it clean (a little pine tar is OK). But more importantly, make it funny.

Caption this: Brady's long, flowing lockout

June, 3, 2011
Tom BradyAP Photo/Winslow TownsonTom Brady's hair: Real or not real? Let your caption make the call.

I have a theory that Tom Brady is bald and that, taking cues from a young Andre Agassi or Bret Michaels, wears head gear with long hair attached to it.

In this photo from an informal New England Patriots workout this week at Boston College, it appears running back Danny Woodhead has discovered the ruse and rookie Stevan Ridley is trying not to stare.

Again, it's just a theory.

If you have better captions, I'd like to see them. Please submit your wiseacre ideas in the comments section below this post. Keep your captions clean and, above all, make them funny.

Caption this: Funny like I'm a clown?

March, 25, 2011
Bill BelichickSean Gardner/Getty ImagesWhat was AFC East blogger Tim Graham thinking during this Bill Belichick interview?
I don’t remember what New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick was saying here.

Apparently, I didn't find it hilarious.

That's me in the light blue shirt. I now see that I'm overdue for a haircut. And I probably needed a nap (we were in New Orleans, after all).

But since I can't recall what was being said -- or what I was thinking -- as Belichick spoke to reporters Tuesday afternoon at the NFL owners meeting, I'd like you to fill in the blanks.

Be funny and keep it clean. My mother stops by this site.

Caption this: Pro Bowl nearly a no-hitter

January, 31, 2011
MeriweatherKyle Terada/US PresswireHelp us caption this photo of Carolina's Jordan Gross drilling New England's Brandon Merriweather.
There was an actual hit delivered Sunday in the Pro Bowl.

We have photographic evidence.

Fittingly, the shot didn't count.

With about 6:30 left in a worthless exhibition slightly less entertaining than a walk-through OTA session, Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten caught a pass and appeared to fumble on his way to the Aloha Stadium turf. New England Patriots safety Brandon Meriweather collected the loose ball and returned it.

All day, "tacklers" tried to hang onto ball carriers until the forward-progress whistle or to nudge them out of bounds.

I've seen more action on the Pro Bowlers Tour.

But Carolina Panthers tackle Jordan Gross relished the opportunity to deliver a hit. So he did, obliterating Meriweather with a helmet-to-helmet blast. But officials ruled Witten was down before the ball came loose. All was for naught -- aside from us getting the chance to witness an honest football collision.

In the photo, New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis might be grimacing or laughing. I can't tell.

Please take a moment and write a caption for this photo. Try to sum up the play within the context of such a flaccid event.

And try to be funny.

Caption this: Buck up, little camper

January, 17, 2011
Mark Sanchez, Tom BradyMichael Heiman/Getty ImagesWhat did quarterback Mark Sanchez have to say to future Hall of Famer Tom Brady after the Jets knocked the Patriots out of the playoffs Sunday?
There, there, Tom.

New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez appears to be consoling New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady in this photo, snapped seconds after Sunday night's amazing playoff showdown at Gillette Stadium.

Sanchez advanced to the AFC Championship Game, and Brady won't play another meaningful game for eight months.

Write a caption that sums up the moment.

Try to be clever, but keep it clean (like Sanchez's uniform).

Caption this: Jets have a flipping good time

January, 9, 2011
Braylon EdwardsAndy Lyons/Getty ImagesHelp us caption this photo of Jets receiver Braylon Edwards celebrating Saturday's playoff win.
Braylon Edwards nicely summed up how the New York Jets felt seconds after beating the Indianapolis Colts in Lucas Oil Stadium.

The receiver made a big 18-yard catch along the sideline to silence the crowd and set up Nick Folk's winning 32-yard field goal as the clock expired Saturday night. Next up are the New England Patriots in Gillette Stadium.

We need you to write the caption for this photo.

I have faith you'll deliver.

Caption this: Whoa, there, big fella

December, 20, 2010
Dan ConnollyAP Photo/Tim CookHelp us caption this photo of Patriots guard Dan Connolly returning a kickoff 71 yards.

It's not often you see a 313-pound man in a No. Sixtysomething jersey barreling 40, 50, 60 yards and more toward the end zone.

Yet that's what transpired Sunday night in one of the more memorable plays of the season.

New England Patriots guard Dan Connolly scooped up a squibbed kickoff and rumbled 71 yards to the Green Bay Packers' 4-yard line. Three plays later, the Patriots scored a touchdown to pull within a field goal just before halftime.

It provided a funny scene, the kind that screams for you to deliver a caption.

Write it from Connolly's perspective, the Packers' perspective or yours. Or from Mohandas Gandhi's for all I care.

Just be funny, and keep it clean.

Caption this: Nice game, buddy

November, 7, 2010
Mangini/BelichickMatt Sullivan/Getty ImagesHelp us caption this photo of Patriots coach Bill Belichick, right, and the Browns' Eric Mangini.
A picture is worth a thousand grumbles.

Check out this shot taken moments after the Cleveland Browns' stunning 34-14 rout of the New England Patriots.

Bill Belichick can imagine roughly a bajillion places he'd rather be than shaking Eric Mangini's hand.

I wonder what they're thinking, and I fully expect you to tell me in the comments section below.

Caption this: Patriots Branch out on offense

October, 17, 2010
Branch/BelichickStew Milne/US PresswireHelp us caption this photo of Bill Belichick and Deion Branch after the Patriots' win against Baltimore.
FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Who needs Randy Moss?

For at least one afternoon, not the New England Patriots. In their first game after trading Moss, they beat the Baltimore Ravens 23-20 in overtime Sunday.

Deion Branch, acquired in a separate deal, came back to Gillette Stadium and caught nine passes for 98 yards and a touchdown. Nine grabs were the second-most of Branch's career. Moss had nine catches in his four games for New England this year.

No wonder Bill Belichick was so jubilant to have Branch in a Patriots uniform again.

Take a look at this picture and tell us what you think Belichick is saying to Branch.

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Caption this: Darrelle Revis ready to flex

September, 7, 2010
Darrelle RevisChris McGrath/Getty ImagesHero or villain? Help us caption this shot of Darrelle Revis -- who just ended his 36-day holdout.
What do you think of when you see this picture?

The New York Jets certainly see a super hero. Other teams likely see a super villain.

This Getty Images studio photo was taken in March, but it might as well have been snapped Tuesday.

Superduperstar cornerback Darrelle Revis is back. He practiced for the first time, ending his holdout at 36 days. It was his first work with the Jets since June.

Give this photo a caption in the comments section below.

And try to be witty.