AFC East: Chris Snee

Joyner judges Jets O-line among league's elite

June, 16, 2009
Posted by's Tim Graham

KC Joyner, the football stat wizard who finds ways to quantify the previously unquantifiable, thinks the New York Jets might have the best offensive line in the NFL.

Joyner, for the New York Times' NFL blog, "The Fifth Down," recently attempted to determine which Meadowlands squad had the better O-line group.

In the process, he came to the conclusion the Jets were better than the Giants up front and might be the class of the league.

"Going into this, I would have thought the Giants would have won this hands down, but the metrics show that isn't the case," Joyner writes.

Joyner conducted a position-by-position comparison based on point-of-attack win percentage and yards per carry (run blocking) and a formula that factors sacks allowed, quarterback hits, holding penalties and batted throws (pass protection).

He gave the Jets the edge at left tackle (D'Brickashaw Ferguson over David Diehl), center (Nick Mangold over Shaun O'Hara) and right tackle (Damien Woody over Kareem McKenzie).

Jets left guard Alan Faneca is a perennial Pro Bowler, but Rich Seubert's numbers were better last year. Jets right guard Brandon Moore is a serviceable starter, but he didn't stand a chance in matching up with All-Pro Chris Snee.

If the Fins could add any player, it would be ...

February, 2, 2009
Posted by's Tim Graham

Although the Miami Dolphins shocked everyone by winning the AFC East, football operations chief Bill Parcells this weekend said his team still needs players.

Last week, I invited Dolphins fans to identify the biggest need and have a little fun in the process by responding to the following question:

If money, contracts and salary-cap restraints were no object, and you could choose any player in the NFL to add to your team, whom would you acquire?

Readers submitted nominations on both sides of the ball. Some wanted big-play receivers Larry Fitzgerald and Andre Johnson, but most of the players mentioned were defenders.

Here's a sampling of responses left in the comments section and in my AFC East mailbag:

Zach from Eustis, Fla., writes: I think you go with a top notch linebacker like Demarcus Ware opposite Joey Porter and i think that makes your secondary better as well as your linebackers, or i guess you could say the whole defense better. They got to get more pressure. You could get a big WR in the draft as well as some o-line depth, and you also get two o-lineman back from injury. I think when Henne takes over then you go for a reciever like Fitsgerald or Boldin because you got someone that can utilize them better with their arm strength.

Craig in Toledo, Ohio, writes: Tim love the blog and how you actually gave my Dolphins a chance to win the East win everyone counted them out! That being said I would have to pick Larry Fitzgerald if I could add one player to the Dolphins line up. I believe that break out receiver is really missing in Miami and could you imagine guys like Ginn and Camarillo playing 2nd and 3rd. Pennington could certainly make that work and then the ever dangerous Fasano at tight end. I think with an addition like Fitzgerald it really could put the Phins offense on another level. Thoughts?

phinsfan1984 writes: Sticking with idea of only one guy, Id say Ed Reed. The guy improves any defense he joins and with his ball hawking skill, he gives the offense a short field to play with alot of the time.

hamelsimms writes: I agree with sykora13.."Asomugha, too dominant a player to pass on." He would more than make up for the rest of the defenses weaknesses (which aren't alot). But if we get two picks, then give me Snee as well. Satele was a good center this year. He'll put on a little more muscle in the offseason, and continue to grow next year to a potential pro bowl center. But if you put Snee next to Satele...then sit back and enjoy the new running game in South Florida.

Miami's receiving corps is loaded with castoffs and overachievers. A player such as Fitzgerald would be a monster upgrade, but would Chad Pennington be able to maximize an asset like that? Possession receivers like Greg Camarillo and Davone Bess work well within the Dolphins' system, but Fitzgerald wouldn't be nearly the weapon with Pennington as he is with Kurt Warner or another long-ball artisan.

For the purposes of this poll, however, debate about receivers is moot because the name that popped up most frequently will win out, and this one was a landslide.

In the AFC East Blog's Plus One, the Dolphins select cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha.

Name the player: Add anyone to Patriots' roster

January, 29, 2009
Posted by's Tim Graham

The New England Patriots have a marvelous track record when it comes to locating talent.

While it might be unfair to the rest of the AFC East to let the Patriots cherry-pick any player they want, we can't exclude them from our endeavor.

As explained in the previous post, I'm posing this question for each AFC East club:

If money, contracts and salary-cap restraints were no object, and you could choose any player in the NFL to add to your team, whom would you acquire?

The Patriots went 11-5, but that wasn't good enough to return to the playoffs. They have weaknesses.

Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten would represent the offensive weapon Benjamin Watson hasn't become. New York Giants guard Chris Snee would help even up a line that has Pro Bowlers on the left side.

But maybe defense is the way to go. Pittsburgh Steelers outside linebacker James Harrison fits the mold of overachievers and former castoffs the Patriots always seem to maximize. Or what about placing Carolina Panthers linebacker Jon Beason next to Jerod Mayo?

The most effective injection, however, might be in the secondary. Steelers strong safety Troy Polamalu would replace an aging Rodney Harrison and create all sorts of new defensive possibilities.

Cornerback has been a need since Asante Samuel split. The Patriots might consider Nnamdi Asomugha of the Oakland Raiders or Cortland Finnegan of the Tennessee Titans. Then again, they could swipe one of the New York Jets' best players in Darrelle Revis.

Those are some thoughts to get you started. Please share your thoughts below or drop a line in my AFC East mailbag. I will gather the responses and make a selection Monday based on what you have to say.

Name the player: Add anyone to Dolphins' roster

January, 29, 2009
Posted by's Tim Graham

The AFC East has been huddled around the hot stove for a few weeks now. It's that bleak time of year when games exist so far in the distance. Fans speak not in terms of what's happening on the field but what could be happening in the front office.

Free agency, draft options, flights of fancy take over the conversation. Fans wonder how their team can get better for next season.

That's where this idea comes in. I have shamelessly stolen the premise from AFC South raconteur Paul Kuharsky, who posed the question for each of his teams:

If money, contracts and salary-cap restraints were no object, and you could choose any player in the NFL to add to your team, whom would you acquire?

We begin our exercise in fantasy with the AFC East champs, the Miami Dolphins.

Just because the Dolphins finished 11-5 doesn't mean they're devoid of needs.

With the entire NFL as the menu, should the Dolphins grab Arizona Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald to open up the passing game and put Ted Ginn in a complementary role?

Maybe you shore up the offensive line by adding New York Giants right guard Chris Snee or New York Jets center Nick Mangold.

Dallas Cowboys outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware would look sensational in any uniform, but imagine him lining up in the 3-4 opposite Joey Porter.

Although many Miami defenders were adequate, major upgrades could be made. San Francisco 49ers inside linebacker Patrick Willis would provide a noticeable difference. So would the coverage skills of a cornerback such as the Tennessee Titans' Cortland Finnegan or the Oakland Raiders' Nnamdi Asomugha.

Those are just a few names to get you thinking. Please share your thoughts below or drop a line in my AFC East mailbag. I will gather the responses and make a selection Monday based on your lobbying.