AFC East: Cushing suspension 2010

Reaction to Cushing verdict

May, 12, 2010
I've compiled a collection of unedited Twitter reaction to Houston Texans linebacker Brian Cushing winning The Associated Press' defensive rookie of the year award after a revote. Buffalo Bills safety Jairus Byrd finished second again.

  1. Kawika Mitchell
    Ka_Mitchell55 RT @jeffreybigmoney @Ka_Mitchell55: I'm convinced Jairus would've had better numbers and played more games if he took what Cushing took!
  2. Brian Moorman
    brianmoorman Can't believe Byrd did not win ROY award after re-vote! That's no message to send to kids!!! Ridiculous!
  3. Ross Tucker
    SI_RossTucker I used to pretty much put zero stock into postseason awards. Now even less, amazingly. I guess that would be negative stock?
  4. Ross Tucker
    SI_RossTucker What a message for HS football players and athletes in general ... "Cheaters don't just win, they win twice!" Hooray.
  5. Marcellus Wiley
    marcelluswiley Im disappointed in the Cushing re-vote. Why should I care if cats cheat, any of them, if most people don't.
    The NFL needs some fixin'!!!!
  6. Aaron Maybin
    AaronMaybin58 If the Byrdman wasn't rookie of the year last year after the recent news, whoevers voting needs to be the one gettin tested
  7. Thurman Thomas
    thurmanthomas The voters, Owners,and the NFLPA are making a big mistake by letting Cushing keep this award. How many kids have his jersey,sld burn it?

Top rookie ballot box re-opens for Byrd

May, 10, 2010
Buffalo Bills safety Jairus Byrd will have another crack at winning the NFL's defensive rookie of the year award.

[+] EnlargeJairus Byrd
Luc Leclerc/US PresswireJairus Byrd, the runner-up in the initial AP vote for defensive rookie of the year, had nine INTs in 2009.
The Associated Press, purveyors of the widely accepted version of the award, has decided to allow its voters to recast ballots after the revelation that last year's winner, Houston Texans linebacker Brian Cushing, violated the league's policy on performance-enhancing drugs in September.

Byrd finished second in voting for AP's defensive rookie award, but Cushing won in a landslide, 39-6. Cushing can win the award again. He will return to the ballot, giving voters the option to vote for him while considering his violation. The league, after all, did allow Cushing to keep playing.

Also on the ballot are Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews and Washington Redskins defensive end Brian Orakpo.

"This is the first time we've encountered an issue like this," said Lou Ferrara, AP's managing editor for sports and entertainment. "Because these awards are based on on-field performance, we consider it necessary to review the matter and allow for a re-vote, especially after concerns were raised by many of our voters."

Cushing's transgression came to light last week. The NFL suspended him for the first four games of the upcoming season, and Cushing's appeal was denied last week.