Chad Henne 'the rock' of Dolphins offense

As far as I'm concerned, stud left tackle Jake Long is the foundation of the Miami Dolphins' offense.

But in a recent interview with "The Finsiders" hosts Jesse Agler, Keith Sims and John Congemi, Long twice called quarterback Chad Henne their "rock" and covered several other topics that should get Dolfans frothing for the season to start.

"He's definitely grown into that leadership spot," Long said. "Last year, when he got thrown in there when Chad Pennington went own, he really took the reins. He's gotten more and more comfortable as games went on, as camps went on.

"He's really become that rock and that leader in our huddle. When he talks everybody shuts up and respects him and listens to him. He goes out there and plays his heart out, and I've never seen the kid get frazzled. He'll get hit; he'll get right back up. He's definitely our rock and our leader on our offense."

Long discussed his pursuit of greatness. The No. 1 pick if the 2008 draft has been selected for the Pro Bowl in each of his two NFL seasons so far.

"I'm never satisfied with how I play," Long said. "I always want to get better. I'm very critical of myself. ... I want to be flawless and 100 percent on everything I do. So I'm going to go out every single day and work at that."

Long also talked about what it's like to compete against new defensive coordinator Mike Nolan's schemes every day and dealing with the shuffling personnel on Miami's interior offensive line.