AFC East: NFL Lockout

Video: Rookie wage scale the big issue

July, 12, 2011

ESPN's Adam Schefter breaks down the significance of the rookie wage scale when it comes to finalizing the collective bargaining agreement.

Video: Hope builds for labor peace

July, 11, 2011

ESPN's Adam Schefter says there's optimism a new collective bargaining agreement could be settled and ratified by July 21. Also broken down is a possible schedule for how the league year would get started through free agency and move toward training camp.

Video: What's up with NFL labor talks?

July, 8, 2011

ESPN's Sal Paolantonio shares the latest updates regarding the NFL labor negotiations.

Video: Progress made in lockout talks

July, 8, 2011

ESPN's Chris Mortensen reports Friday morning that progress is being made in NFL labor negotiations, but suggests a new collective bargaining agreement might not be imminent.

Video: Timetable for a new NFL labor deal

June, 22, 2011
PM ET senior writer John Clayton interprets the latest labor rumblings from this week's NFL owners' meetings and projects a possible time line to strike a new collective bargaining agreement.

Video: Owners divided on latest talks

June, 17, 2011

ESPN's Adam Schefter provides insight on why the NFL owners haven't harmonized in their approach to ending the lockout.

Schefter reports at least two AFC teams are not happy with the current direction and openly wonders if its the same two teams as in 2006, when the previous collective bargaining agreement was struck: the Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals.

Video: Optimism rising in labor talks

June, 14, 2011

ESPN's Adam Schefter shares the latest buzz surrounding NFL lockout negotiations.

Video: Latest on lockout meetings

June, 8, 2011

ESPN's Adam Schefter gives the latest buzz about what this week's meetings mean for the NFL lockout.

Video: Where the lockout stands today

June, 4, 2011

Friday's edition of "Outside the Lines" examined the latest legal wranglings of the NFL lockout. ESPN labor analyst Andrew Brandt reported from St. Louis, where a federal appeals hearing was held.

Video: Goodell acknowledges fan impact

May, 25, 2011

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell speaks about the impact the lockout has had on the fans.

Video: Lockout panic meter moves needle

May, 20, 2011

"SportsCenter" has a panic meter for the chances the NFL will miss regular-season games because of the lockout. Considering the leverage of both sides, ESPN's Adam Schefter places the needle halfway to certainty.

Schefter explains why he believes there won't be a labor settlement until mid-July at the earliest and says it's "looking increasingly unlikely" training camps will open on time.

NFL back in business (for now)

April, 28, 2011
The NFL has issued guidelines advising clubs how to operate with the lockout lifted and no collective bargaining agreement in place.

Not every issue was addressed.

A plan for player transactions such as trades and free-agent signings and details about the 2011 league business calendar is expected to be released Friday.

In the meantime, here are the bullet points of what's in place beginning 8 a.m. Friday:
  • Players are allowed to use team facilities.
  • Teams can issue playbooks, game film and other such materials to players.
  • Coaches may meet with players for the purpose of discussing those materials and any offseason workout programs.
  • Voluntary and mandatory workout programs such as minicamps, rookie camps and organized team activities may commence subject to rules in the previous CBA.
  • League counseling programs for substance abuse and performance-enhancing drugs will resume.

Robert Kraft won't attend owners summit

March, 20, 2011
NEW ORLEANS -- One of the NFL's leading voices will not attend the owners meetings.

The New England Patriots have announced owner Robert Kraft will not make the trip to New Orleans because of a "private family medical matter." His son and team president Jonathan Kraft still was expected to arrive Sunday night.

As outlined earlier, Robert Kraft sits on five league committees, including the management council, which is steering labor strategy.

Kraft also missed the recent labor mediation sessions in Washington, D.C., because of a previously scheduled business trip to Israel with Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick.

Unsigned Patriots left tackle Matt Light expressed his displeasure with Kraft's lack of attendance in D.C.

"No doubt, 100 percent. I'm not going to lie to you," Light told Boston Globe reporter Shalise Manza Young. "Look, again, like [former Patriots linebacker and NFL Players Association executive committee member Mike] Vrabel stated, like everyone else has said, we had people in that room that could get a deal done at any point. Do I know how they’re structured within the league? No, I have no clue.

"But I can tell you one thing: [NFL negotiators] didn't seem to have the ability to do any of that when they had to the leave the room, make a phone call, you guys representing the league. If it was me, I was in that model, I would have every one of my guys in those seats making sure that we had one voice and we could get a deal done."

Bills release their statement on labor woes

March, 14, 2011
Buffalo Bills chief executive officer Russ Brandon has joined the list of NFL executives releasing statements about the NFL labor situation:
"We share our fans' disappointment with the news on Friday that the NFLPA has filed for decertification and a work stoppage has begun. We remain hopeful that a new and fair agreement can be reached in time to avoid any significant disruption to our preparations for the 2011 season. We believe that the quickest way to a fair agreement for everyone -- players, teams and fans -- is through negotiations facilitated by the mediator and not through litigation.

"As an organization, winning a championship continues to be our No. 1 goal. Under the direction of general manager Buddy Nix, our entire football staff is hard at work, preparing for the upcoming 2011 NFL draft, where we have the third overall selection. Coach [Chan] Gailey and his staff are also hard at work, preparing for when our team returns to the field. Concurrently, the administrative departments continue to work diligently on the day-to-day business operations in preparation for the season. ...

"We certainly appreciate the support and patience of our fans and we look forward to presenting a full season of exciting Buffalo Bills football in 2011."

Kraft: Union planned to decertify 'all along'

March, 12, 2011
New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, a member of the NFL's labor committee, released a statement Saturday about the work stoppage:
"Going into these union negotiations, I was very optimistic that an agreement could be reached before the end of December if both sides were committed to the negotiations. The same was true as we approached the end of the NFL calendar year. We are fortunate to be operating in an industry that is thriving and I know that there was a deal to be done that was a win-win for both sides.

"I know that commissioner [Roger] Goodell and his staff invested a tremendous amount of time and resources to negotiate an agreement that would benefit both parties and allow the league to continue to build for the future without interruption. I remained in constant contact with Roger and the members of the [labor bargaining committee] this week and fully supported the proposal we made to the players' union on Friday.

"I think the actions of the union to end the mediation process and walk away from Friday's offer clearly showed their true intentions to take this process to litigation all along.

"While disappointed by their action to decertify, I remain confident that an agreement will be reached and that the 2011 season will be played. I know that the owners are committed to this process, but that the quickest way to do so is through continued negotiation, not litigation. For the sake of all involved, the owners, the players and most importantly, the fans, I hope we return to the negotiating table very soon."